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Share My Riding Apparel (SMRA)

Hi All,

We know it’s always expensive to keep our kids (and ourselves) in the right sized gear, so we decided to start “Share My Riding Apparel”. (SMRA Team)

If you, or your youngster, has anything race related that is stuffed in a closet with nowhere to go……please donate it to SMRA Team.  Jamie Lara, our SMRA Secretary, will keep all the gear in her trailer and will be at all (most?) of the SMRA races.  We have talked this around for a couple of races and the response is overwhelming!  Last week we took home a few sets of kids gear to be given to anyone that needs it.  No cost, no gimmicks….just give back to our own and help ease the cost of racing.  SMRA Team is not age or gender specific.  If you need it, please feel free to partake! This is not meant to compete with the shops, that are already giving our riders deep discounts, (I hope you tell the shops Thanks!) we just want to ease it up a little for the race budget with some used race gear. 

All items will be given to anyone that needs it.  Once a kid asked  we had any duct tape.  Some buckles on his boots were gone!  We asked him what size boot he wore and just happened to have a “donation” in his size.  He was thrilled and couldn’t get over the fact that he was just “gifted” a set of boots!  The only thing she told him was,” pay it forward”.  If he gets new ones, please put something back in the pot for his fellow riders.  So, how cool is that !

 We will not do a “For Sale” spot…….you will have to do that yourself.

So…….Whaddaya think?  Will this work?  Got stuff?   Give it to any SMRA Officer and it will go into the "help a buddy out" pile.

Yours in our addiction! 

Judy Aja, SMRA member

Questions?  Call 775-530-8226 anytime.


We posted the results from the 2013 SMRA High Desert Spring Series.  Please check your  spelling, my addition and anything else you might see that just ain't right!  As always...J means Jacket...T means Trophy and A means perfect attendance.  These are the ones that deserve the biggest kudos!  Some of these guys don't do as well as others but they are there every single race!  And they are SMILING! 

Judy Aja  775-530-8226

Please check your spelling and SMRA card number. 

Racers that do not have a card will not be eligible for series awards.

For any questions or changes please email Judy at


or call




  Rule Book was revised February, 2012.

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